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By Owning Full-Rights To FaceDrip…

Re-Brand & Sell FaceDrip As Your Own Software
While Keeping 100% Of The Profits

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Owning YOUR OWN Software Company…

…that gives you profits every single day.

A business that is completely set up for you…

Where you enjoy the fruits of labor without doing ANY hard work…

Now STOP imagining…

Because that is what your reality is going to look like with just the click of a button!

There is a reason that you and many others purchased FaceDrip. With a thousand businesses moving online every day… INTERACTIVE VIDEOS are in high demand.

And Freelancers, Agencies & Video Marketers around the world want to jump in and make serious cash by creating & selling interactive videos…

Sell FaceDrip under YOUR OWN NAME & BRAND… Charge A Monthly/Annual Or A One-Time Fee and Keep 100% Of The Money.

Building A Software Business


It Involves…

Through Your Nose

Spending Most
Of Your Life Figuring
A Software

Managing And
Chasing Web

Headaches And
Hidden Charges

Paying Server

Hiring Expensive Consultants

“Facedrip has proven to be a powerful interactive video making and marketing solution that offers different options to create and market Interactive videos. I can record screen, webcam, import from desktop, Youtube or other third-party apps. I also love the fact that it integrates well with my Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, and my Aweber account. I also love the video email and video sms multi-channel marketing options as they’ve now made it possible to drive more eyeballs to my videos even through text messages.”
“The ease and simplicity at which I am able to pull in viral videos from Youtube and slap my interactive forms on them is breathtaking. From one video alone, I generated 4683 Leads in a little bit above 8 days. They were already automated to go through a pre-recorded mid-ticket Webinar and I made 3 sales the first 2 days, 1 the 4th day and 2 more after almost a week. That’s $2,982 in one week without spending a penny on ads. I’m not stopping here though, I just published my most recent video, I’ll send your team feedback on how that one goes as well. Many thanks!”
“I’m elated to say I now have a thriving business thanks to Facedrip and the effort put in by Steve. My client conversions have never been better. It’s so great that I’m even contemplating on adding more members to my team because of the huge volume of orders we have been receiving ever since we started creating interactive videos for our clients.”

This Is The #1 Reason Top Software Sellers


– They Simply ACQUIRE Rights To Sell Them…

There Are 2 Ways You Can Acquire Rights To Software…

Get A Reseller License

(This is what owners usually offer)

Get A Whitelabel Licence

(This is what we are offering you!)

Unlock FaceDrip Whitelabel Now

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Sit Back And Relax

We Have Already Done


Our Coding and Software Teams Have Worked Their Backs Off To Make FaceDrip’s Quality Nothing Less Than Extraordinary

Our Marketing Team Created Some Epic Content Which Has Already Created A Strong Buzz & Attracted HIGH DEMAND In The Market

… And Here’s What We Will Continue Doing

Provide Unconditional Support For YOU & YOUR Customers

Upgrade & Update FaceDrip With ZERO Downtime

Modernize Our Servers To Provide
YOU & YOUR Customers With
An Amazing Experience

… All This While YOU Keep 100% Of The Profits


With FaceDrip…

USE FaceDrip in your business to get more customers and make more sales

OFFER Interactive Videos As A Service and bank fat cheques

SELL The FaceDrip Software At Your Own Price Under Your Own Name

Unlock FaceDrip Whitelabel Now

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Inside Your FaceDrip Dashboard

Now FaceDrip will be yours to sell. You can rebrand it to satisfy your preference, sell it at a discount or at a premium… we can’t stop you!

Provide discounts near special days like ‘Black Friday Sale’, Christmas…

Use the software as you want to squeeze out its full potential and make the highest possible profits with the Whitelabel License.

You’ll have so many clients pouring in, it will be difficult to keep track of all…

But Don’t Worry We Got You!

Simply Log In To Your FaceDrip Account And Access The…


New Clients

Existing Clients

Old Clients

Don’t have existing clients? – No Biggie!!


To Attract Clients

If you learn how to target the right market you can throw the rest of your troubles out the window.

Hear us out… This is something that has ALWAYS worked for us and will work for you as well.

Simply create an account on affiliate networks like JVZOO, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, etc., and run a few ads on social media platforms.

This is where we have roped in almost 90% of our clients… And that too without much hard work…THEY COME TO US!

If you’ve always heard the sentence ‘make money on autopilot’ you’re going to discover exactly what that means for yourself soon.

This is literally an invitation to live the good life!

What’s your answer going to be?

We Are Giving You 


Done-For-You FaceDrip Sales Page

Our expert team has designed a high-action FaceDrip sales page for you.

99% Ready to use, all you have to do is add in your brand name and logo, and Bam! Like a moth to a flame, this sales page will captivate your audience and convert them into paying customers.

Put your feet up, relax and watch as hundreds of leads come pouring in.

Next Stop… Profit Town!

Professional FaceDrip Video Sales Letter

Remember the video at the top of this page… it got your attention, didn’t it?

Well with this offer, we provide you with engaging and value-driven Professional Sales Videos like that and more!

Say goodbye to content block, simply use our Done-For-You VSLs and connect with your prospects effortlessly.

FaceDrip Promo Material

Media Advertising is a great opportunity, but so darn complicated!

Lucky for you, we take care of all the promotional materials you need.

Start as many campaigns as you’d like with stunning Facebook and Google Ad Banners.

We will also throw in the key to our locker filled with PROFITABLE Ad Copies that have won thousands of sales for FaceDrip.

Celebrate as you watch your campaigns get you the results you have always dreamt of.

FaceDrip Email Follow-Up Sequence

That’s not all!

Now that you will capture hundreds of leads using our promotional material, have you thought about the next step?

Connect with these leads of course!

And what better way than sending brilliant and professional emails that SEAL THE DEAL?

Our high conversion-boosting email sequence does exactly that…

And guess what? We are giving this to you… FOR FREE!

When It’s A Conversation About Profits


Let’s say you sell 10 copies of FaceDrip (and remember, you are using our ‘proven to convert’ sales material so this will be a piece of cake for you)

You can value this as low as $97 per copy. That means a steady income of $970 per month or $11,640 per year!

This is just the base amount you can earn… we’ve taken rock-bottom prices in the above example but we’ll let you in on an inside tip…

FaceDrip is a revolutionary bestseller and in super hot demand, as it offers marketers exactly what they need

So you can easily sell 30 copies without breaking a sweat 

For these 30 copies, you can charge:

30 copies @97 per month = $34,920 per year 

30 copies @997 one-time = $29,910

If you purchase the 100 Licence pack today,
then you can redo the math to see just how much money you can make.

Unlock FaceDrip Whitelabel Now

WARNING: Offer ends in:


We Are Giving Away These


To Help You Take Your Profits To
A Whole New Level…


High-Level Fiverr Seller Domination Training

This is really special training that will show you how to create & scale a brand new Fiverr profile to $2,000 or more within the first month.

Plus, how to get the buyer contact details from there so you can pitch them your interactive video services


Access to a Premium Software That Finds Good Domain Names that Have a Higher Chance of Selling Your Interactive Video Service

this particular bonus is incredible!

I literally went through thick and thin to secure backdoor access for you and 49 other fast action movers who will get VidJack through our link.

What I am giving you is a premium software that lets you MINE good domain names that gives you a better CHANCE of selling your Freelance website.

With this software, You can find a premium domain name that sells for as low as $9 but with a value 20 times more than you bought it, and therefore this is why this bonus is such a big deal.

This software gives you:

=> 3 never seen before search capability: Instead of just using keywords, trends, starting and ending words.
=> Expired Domains: You will have an automatically updated, heavily filtered and sorted expired domain name database.


Amazon Store Builder

This is an app you can install on your own website hosting account and you will have a store with millions of amazon products you can start earning passive affiliate commissions from…

… Amazon Store Builder Is The Best Tool For Building Amazon Affiliate Store I Have Seen Launched On Jvzoo In The Past Because Of These Amazing Features Built Into It:

Email Campaign – Amazon doesn’t allow promoting affiliate links in email campaigns. So you can find the corresponding product page on your Amzlayer site and link that in your emails.

Social Media – Amazon doesn’t allow you to post affiliate links on social media sites Instagram, Quora, Reddit. Facebook groups usually don’t allow the promotion of affiliate links. In these cases, instead of posting an affiliate link to Amazon on Instagram for example, you can also use the product page on your Amzlayer site and you’ll be fine.

Tell Friends – Tell your friends and family to buy from Amazon using your site and earn commissions every month.

90 Days Cookie – The standard Amazon affiliate link gives you 24 hours for a customer to make a purchase, in order for you to earn a commission. Amazon will extend your cookie by another 89 days if the customer adds a product to their cart (only for the products added to the cart). Amzlayer will add the products to cart on your site before sending the user to Amazon so your users will get the 90 days Amazon cookie.


When You Claim Your





FaceDrip Whitelabel Mini
FaceDrip Whitelabel Max

WARNING: Offer ends in:

Warning! This offer is limited to 20 FaceDrip customers today only.
We hope you are one of the lucky few who act fast to win one of these. Good Luck!

We’ve Got Your Back With Our

30 Day Money-Back

Today and today only, we are giving you a jaw-dropping opportunity along with this incredible deal.

We want you to get your FaceDrip Whitelabel License without a single doubt in your mind…

That’s why we are offering you a 30 day ZERO RISK option only if you upgrade today.

What this means is you get to sell the software for a full 30 days, and if you are not able to make any sales, you are entitled to receive a FULL REFUND. Just let us know what you’ve done so far and we’ll do our best to guide & help you make sales & profits, and if nothing works out we’ll simply send you your money back. It’s that simple.

So… since you have nothing to lose. Why not give it a shot?

Unlock FaceDrip Whitelabel Now

WARNING: Offer ends in:


I Want To Claim My FaceDrip Whitelabel License & Start My Own Software Company Today!

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