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SPECIAL BONUS: Unlimited Access To Database Of
Laser-Targeted Buyer Leads In Different Niches ($997 Value)…

SPECIAL BONUS: Unlimited Access To Database Of
Laser-Targeted Buyer Leads In Different Niches ($997 Value)…

Lock-In “ONE-TIME PRICE” Before It Expires

Normal Price: $497

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On Getting Access To FaceDrip

Steve Tari

Simon Warner

Simon and Steve here again… and we want to share some very important tips and tools on how to use The FaceDrip Commercial License to storm the market and literally decimate your competition…

… and become everyone’s ‘Go-To Marketing Agency’.

FaceDrip is already going to help you create STUNNING interactive videos, add public booking links, schedule a demo button/visit website button, etc. right inside the video…

… skyrocket open-rates with video email or video SMS campaigns – at lightning speeds.

That gives you a massive head start in taking your business to a new level.

But, the REAL Profits are when you start SELLING these to businesses for BIG BUCKS!

So, while you start creating these – let me help you queue up ‘ready-to-pay’ customers…

We have packed (in the form of a kit) every tool you need to ‘Land’ high-paying clients AND expert training to pitch and close these clients… turning them into loyal recurring customers for years to come.



‘Done For You’ Marketing Package!

3 Professionally-Made DFY Agency Websites
to help you sell from

Highly Targeted &
Effective DFY Ads
to capture
your clients’ attention

Persuasive Sales
Closing Telemarketing
to make the
best first-impression

DFY Winning
PowerPoint Presentation
to instantly impress
your clients

DFY Commercial
Graphics Package
make your content
stand out

DFY Email Series
to pitch,
close and follow-up
with clients

Professionally Drafted
DFY Legal Contracts
to keep your business

Expert Training
help you make profits
right away

Team Member

And A Lot More…

Check Out How
FaceDrip Early-Users Are Making An Easy

$1,500 – $5,000 PER CLIENT

For A Few Minutes Work…

“I’m elated to say I now have a thriving business thanks to Facedrip and the effort put in by Steve. My client conversions have never been better. It’s so great that I’m even contemplating on adding more members to my team because of the huge volume of orders we have been receiving ever since we started creating interactive videos for our clients.”
“Wow! Facedrip is massive I’m really impressed with the ability to manage my clients in independent work spaces. So, here’s what I recently did; on one of the Workspaces, I created several videos for my divorce-attorney client, then I scheduled them through Facedrip’s inbuilt email sender. Then what even blew my socks even further, was the workflows and automations and how everything works without any additional effort from me. Lol, I’m managing over 50 agency clients and I am still having a good sleep. The satisfaction of delivering consistent results to my happy clients is really life-changing”


To Start A 3-In-1 Marketing Agency

Team Member Access

Running your profitable marketing agency would require a pair of extra hands to manage small tasks for you.

But with only one account, and literally your whole database on it, you might feel a bit dicey handing over access to anyone other than yourself right?

Well, we have a solution for you…

Invite your team members to selectively manage certain client accounts.

You can create up to 100 workspaces.

They can create and grow client profiles for you, and you can monitor their work while still having master control over your entire dashboard.

3 Professionally-Made DFY Agency Websites

Host your portfolio showing interactive videos, Email marketing campaigns & SMS marketing campaigns (that you can create in seconds with FaceDrip) on your very OWN Agency Website that you can build in just a few clicks – well… because it’s totally done for you.

Save thousands of dollars on commissions you might have had to pay to use platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

And having your own Agency Website makes you look like a BIG professional agency – and not just some… part-time freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork.

Businesses want to be sure that their business is in the hands of professionals and not some amateurs.

Highly Targeted & Effective DFY Ads Creative

Ads are not just some designs and graphics put together. These are a combination of art and science. You’ve got to know what will work seeing the trends and then bring that to life.

Created by top designers and marketers with years of experience… these DFY ad creatives will hook, engage and get you tons of new customers.

Persuasive Sales Closing Telemarketing Scripts

Your first connection with a prospective client lays the foundation for a long-term relationship.

And that first call you make to your client is what’s going to make-it-or-break-it for you.

Nobody’s going to be hanging up on you anymore.

Call up clients to follow up and close them then and there. We will hand over the perfect scripts (drafted by top marketers and copywriters) to you that would make it impossible for them to turn you down. We have used these and know for sure that these work.

DFY Winning PowerPoint Presentation

Leave all the heavy lifting for us. Preparing a winning and attention-grabbing PowerPoint Presentation is easier said than done.

Once you have set up a meet (in-person or online), it’s time to leave them spell-bound.

Use our professionally designed DFY PowerPoint Presentations to showcase your work and tell them how you can help them scale up their business and grow their profits.

Developed with input from some of the top marketers who know exactly the hot buttons to push to impress and close clients… these presentations are your sure bet to success and massive profits.

DFY Commercial Graphics Package

Make your content stand out with some kick-ass DFY commercial graphics. These graphics, again created by some of the best professional graphics designers in the industry, help you impress your clients right from the word ‘Go’.

Even some of the top-rated agencies would happily pay whatever the asking price for such stunning graphics.

Proven-To-Convert DFY Email Series

Emails are undeniably the best way to attract and retain customers. No matter what age group you are targeting or where they are located, email remains a great way to reach your audience.

Our team of expert marketers and copywriters have prepared Presell emails, Emails to pitch and close clients, and follow-up emails…

Just edit-copy-paste and watch your conversions skyrocket with these battle-tested proven-to-convert sets of Emails.

DFY Legal Contracts

One wrong step, and someone can easily bring you down. The law is always a slippery slope.

We have an in-house legal team that keeps us safe from legal problems. We understand that not everyone can afford a legal team – but its importance cannot be undermined.

So, we asked our legal team to draft Legal Contract templates for you.

Every time you take up a project – use these. These will keep you super-safe and also project you as a highly professional agency.

Power-Packed Expert Training

You’ve got all the tools now to knock your competition out of the park. But we aren’t done yet.

We are going to train you to put these tools in action and get the maximum results possible.

The ideas and methods that we use every day in our business and are now going to share with you are going to put you in top-gear right from the start. No trial-n-error.

You’ll know exactly what to do and what not to do. We have put our years of experience into this powerful training session… so that you don’t have to wait for years to taste success.

And When You Get Access Today
– You Also Get These



Unlimited Access To Database Of Laser-Targeted Buyer Leads In Different ($997 Value)

How would you like to be able to find real, high paying clients that you can sell to & make TONS of money from, without cold calling or sending people random messages on social media?

… It’s cool, no doubt.

Finally, you can now rest & stop stressing over clients… We are giving you access to a database of quality clients for you on the go.

It’s filled with millions of US based businesses that serve as your clients for any type of service you offer.

With this, you’ll be able to get the website address, email & even phone numbers of businesses in different industries… Contact these businesses & pitch your service to them.

This is designed to fetch you hundreds of customers with little effort… No need to burn your savings on Facebook & Google Ads


High Ticket Agency Frameworks & Optimization Toolkit ($997 Value)

When you’re busy acquiring new clients and serving your current clients, it can be super hard to take time away to work on your internal processes.

But those internal processes can save money and time and help make sure that everyone can devote the most amount of time possible to doing their best work.


Viral Quotes Rocket

Instantly download 200 done-for-you viral quote graphic templates to get instant targeted traffic fast.

You get viral traffic overnight and hassle-free customization in less than 60 seconds.

You also get a Free Graphics report with VIP access, 10 mobile squeeze pages and easy-to-follow video training.

An $889 value, and you get it for FREE!


How To Close High Paying Clients

Closing high paying clients has remained the “greyest area” in the agency line of business. This is because many times, you get an incredible tool that delivers a great service but getting clients becomes the problem…

So, we created this program; “How To Close High Paying Clients” to help you master the secret strategies used by top agencies like KingKong (Sell Like Crazy – Sabri Suby), to start closing high paying clients starting today and how to hook them up on a recurring service.


Local Agency Business Team Showcase Software

This software lets you easily create, edit, and showcase you or your clients’ team members, staff, and any type of group on your WordPress site. 

30 Day Money-Back

Use this tested and proven-to-work agency kit to start and expand your business in just a few days. Watch the conversion rates skyrocket. Send us a Thank You mail (Optional).


In case you don’t get the results that surprise you (pleasantly) – send us a message within 30 days of your purchase and get your money back. We can’t possibly make it any simpler and risk-free for you.

“I was among the Beta Testers and I absolutely love the ease of doing video marketing with Facedrip. So, a couple of weeks ago, I updated my eCom video with a Buy button that linked to my store. Within 14 days we made $13,476.37 worth of sales from a $1,695.8 Ad spend. I’m even more excited because most of the buyers are now in my email list making it possible for me to even sell them more offers.”
“This tool is extremely valuable. I now send quick videos that won’t get lost in spam. I also get instant watch time reports and emoji reactions as well. Just had a prospect send a video reply to my presentation video. She was blown away by my personalized approach. ”


Inside This High-Value Package


Lock-In “ONE-TIME PRICE” Before It Expires


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