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“Wow! I am now getting far more responses because of Facedrip. What’s even more exciting is that I now get detailed information about who’s watching my videos, how they are watching and their reaction as well. It is mind-blowing.”
“FaceDrip has been a Game Changer in sending personalized and interactive Video emails and video sms to existing and new clients. It also comes with more features that I’ve always wanted in a cloud based platform. I now have a truly unfair advantage over my competitors who are still sending boring emails.”
“The ease and simplicity at which I am able to pull in viral videos from Youtube and slap my interactive forms on them is breathtaking. From one video alone, I generated 4683 Leads in a little bit above 8 days. They were already automated to go through a pre-recorded mid-ticket Webinar and I made 3 sales the first 2 days, 1 the 4th day and 2 more after almost a week. That’s $2,982 in one week without spending a penny on ads. I’m not stopping here though, I just published my most recent video, I’ll send your team feedback on how that one goes as well. Many thanks!”

Get Instant Access To These

Detailed Contact Level Reporting

What good are your interactive videos, emails & SMS campaigns if you can’t monitor their performance?

Gain detailed insights into how a viewer interacts with your videos such as email opens, clickthrough rate, video watch rate, CTA click rate, emoji reactions, etc.

Qualify each leads based on their interest and video behavior.

AI-Powered Video Marketing Campaign Automations

With aid of machine-learning, Use predefined rules to trigger email & SMS messages and personalize your messages based on specific actions customers take.

Take repetitive tasks off your to-do list to free up your time for other valuable tasks, such as responding to customer questions.

Grow your business with complete AI-powered automation.

Complete CRM That Handles Deals, Tasks, Sales, Clients, and workflows

While FaceDrip integrates with most major CRM platforms like Hubspot and Salesforce…

… and also provides its own built-in all-in-one CRM solution.

With our built-in CRM you can import and manage contacts, track deal flow, and send personalized video emails in bulk.

Automate Marketing Campaigns

Now segment contacts, personalize messages, and automate marketing campaigns to offer personalized customer experiences.

Cross-sell/Upsell offers and executes targeted campaigns to increase engagement, improve retention and deliver better ROI.

Real-Time Video Engagement Reporting

Back in the day, a video was a tactic that you threw into your content marketing now and again. But to succeed with video marketing today, it’s important to have a solid strategy that you can use.

In other words, you can’t just have the occasional random video in your marketing campaigns. You need a well-planned, well-executed video engagement marketing strategy.

Use our real-time video reporting on Slack, Salesforce, etc. to maximize your results.

Deep Analytics

Yes, with FaceDrip your videos are now getting views but do you know who’s watching them?

And how are they watching them?

Go beyond just view counts and embrace the new world of video analytics.

Now with just a click of a mouse, you can now track video engagement, learn more about each audience, and turn every view into data-driven results.

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Social Traffic Plan

Here’s what you’ll discover from this powerful guide for using social media to get targeted website traffic:

– Learn how to utilize Facebook to increase traffic to your company site properly.
– Discover how Twitter can help you engage more with your customers and grow your business.
– Find out why Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to grow brand awareness and promote your products and services.
– Learn how you can utilize YouTube to reach more people and increase website traffic. – Learn how Pinterest can get you more targeted website traffic and grow your business.
– And much more!


AI-Powered BrandDomain Maker (Worth $497)

In our study we found that finding the best domain name for a business & finding that keyword’s availability across all social media channels is one of the most popular services.

That’s because thousands of new businesses are registered every day.

We are giving you this advanced AI based software that finds domain availability, comes up with extra domain suggestions according to niche, and finds your domain’s keyword availability across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Medium – all of it with just a click of a button.


Ads Agency Website

Use this to offer Facebook and Instagram ad services to your clients. And to make this as easy as possible, we’ve designed a high quality website that can help showcase your services to your potential clients and get them to contact you.

This website will instantly give  you an unfair advantage and will help boost your conversions and sales if you are planning to book clients.

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